By Tony Edwards – San Jose, CA (Dec 20, 2011) US Soccer Players — In Tuesday's questions, Tony starts in the boardroom, and then travels to Canada, Italy, and England.

Which organization offered MLS the most money during recent broadcast rights negotiations?

Fox Soccer, according to this article in the New York Times. MLS Commissioner Don Garber cited the 鈥渧ision鈥?of new NBC Sports executive Mark Lazarus as one of the reasons the League signed with NBC.  Garber's confirmation that the League took a cheaper deal for the potential for wider exposure certainly increases the pressure for MLS on NBC. 

Where is the Fox Soccer Report produced?

That鈥檚 an easy one, right? Winnipeg. (The other) John Doyle鈥檚 piece on the Times鈥?Goal blog highlights either the easy-going but can-do nature of the broadcast or its lack of resources/network commitment, depending on where you stand.

Who is the first name on the Chievo Verona team card?

To be fair, it's probably Sergio Pellissier, who leads the team with more than 1300 minutes, but the second is Michael Bradley, who is behind just Pellissier in total minutes played by outfield players for the team. Chievo鈥檚 win this weekend (2-0 against Cagliari) brought them up to 11th, but it doesn鈥檛 take a lot of insight to suggest Chievo might be looking for some forwards in the January transfer window.

Which team featuring a US National Team pool player* is highest in the EPL standings?

That would be Zak Whitbread's Norwich City in 9th with 20 points. Throw out a four-goal loss to Manchester City, and Norwich鈥檚 goal difference is 0. Almost unnoticed is that they鈥檝e scored more goals than Liverpool or Newcastle (their 25 is the sixth most goals in the EPL). It will be interesting to see how they fare during their busy holiday schedule (Wolves, Tottenham, Fulham, and QPR all by January 2nd).  Whitbread is back in the lineup after missing time due to injury, and started last week in the 1-1 draw with Everton.

What about Stuart Holden鈥檚 Bolton Wanderers?

Well, at least Holden is back in the gym. Last place Bolton faces Blackburn, Newcastle, Everton, and Wolves between today and January 2nd.  Many English pundits are openly speculating as to when Bolton leadership decides it's time for a change.  The Boxing Day glut of games is normally a pretty good indicator of whether or not a team has what it takes to turn around a disappointing season, or end up in even greater trouble.  Unfortunately for Bolton, they're not competing against recently promoted teams to get out of the relegation zone.  So far this season, those promoted teams are doing fine.  It's Premier League regulars Bolton and Blackburn propping up the wrong end of the table. 

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*Editor's Note: As pointed out in the comments, as originally written we asked 'which American.'  The answer to that would be Brad Friedel with Spurs.