By Tony Edwards – San Jose, CA (Dec 1, 2011) US Soccer Players — In today鈥檚 edition, Tony finds it鈥檚 a tough time to be an experienced MLS goalkeeper, looks at the going rate for luxury suites in not-even-built MLS stadia, asks about an opportunity for FIFA reform, and examines the zen of home openers.

Where can an MLS team find an experienced goalkeeper at a decent price?

In the MLS Re-Entry Process. Joe Cannon, Zach Thornton, Greg Sutton, Bouna Coundoul, and Adin Brown are only some of those available. There鈥檚 a lot of talent in the draft, not just at keeper, even presuming some of those whose contract options were declined are headed elsewhere. The first step of this draft process is next Monday.

How much does a suite cost at the not-even-approved Earthquakes Stadium?

$350,000 for five years. I double-checked that figure, its right. Seventy thousand dollars a year. There鈥檚 only going to be 12 suites and they are going to be the MLS equivalent of 鈥渇loor seats in the NBA,鈥?according to David Kaval, Earthquakes president. They will also have plush seats, flat screen televisions, etc, which I鈥檓 pretty sure NBA floor seats don鈥檛 have. The renderings on the official site do look nice.

What is the sound of only one team showing up for a home opener?

We鈥檙e all pleased MLS is working to get next season鈥檚 schedule out significantly earlier than last season鈥檚. But announcing only the home teams for the weekend of March 10th openers is silly, at best. Sometimes you don鈥檛 need to publicize everything.

What are the chances for what most people paying attention would call relevant reforms at FIFA?

Perhaps a little better today, but the most important part of FIFA's big announcement is that the chair of their Independent Governance Committee and author of their Governing FIFA report has no power to hold FIFA to any recommended changes.  So things like  term limits for officers and more transparency still need to go through the Executive Committee and the FIFA Congress as well as a "12-month cooling off period" before any new regulations take effect.

Besides the US and Canada, which country has the most players represented in MLS?

Colombia, with 16. Brazil is next with 15.